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    Welcome to "Adret de Valensole"


                  VALENSOLE  VILLAGE



Valensole is Valis Solis in Latin translated as the sunshine valley.... The Romans knew how to live!

Built in an amphitheatre shape on the hill between the "plateau de Valensole" and the valley of "Notre Dame", the village is protected from the Mistral (strong Thermal wind common in South France) but totally exposed to the Provence sunshine.

The climate is internal Mediterranean. As sunny and dry as the lower Provence (often over 35 degres in Summer) but the altitude and thermal variations between day and night give to the residence the necessary freshness to allow you to enjoy the sunshine. 

The village is blessed with approximately 2 800 hours of sunshine per annum.

We are certainly not lacking sunshine. Rain is only sporadic

Even on a hot day, the nights are fresh so you will sleep well!

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   Welcome  to  "Adret de Valensole"

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