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    Welcome to "Adret de Valensole"

   Welcome  to  "Adret de Valensole"



No, there are no special tricks on these pictures!

Although the attached pictures are from my private collection, feel free to type "Valensole" then click on images in a google search and you will find a multitude of similar pictures from this area.


The best time is from mid June to mid July for the flowering season before the harvest in July.

You will find an ocean of lavender commencing only a few hundred meters from the villa.

Earlier in the season, you will be awe struck by the spread of poppies.


Walking along with the mountains in the background and the contrasting yellow fields of wheat (used for pasta, the second largest crop in the area), you will marvel at the spectacle.

During the harvest and depending on the wind, the scent of this mythical flower can carry as far as your room.

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